For only 14,90 € (incl. desktop apps) with a wide range of expansion options !

AIO CREATOR NEO mit Steckerpro


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The next level for SteckerPRO users

Much more options, extremely flexible and highly future-proof!

individuelle Gestaltung mit NEO bei SteckerPRO


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Key feature comparison

AIO CREATOR NEO works with all your connected devices from all your favourite brands, giving you the freedom to buy smart products from the vendors you trust. Just use NEO to create your totally customized Control App with individual graphics and functions and control, monitor and automate your entire home with one single App.

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Supported Brands


* Functions depend on the used plugins / gateways

import a SteckerPRO configuration to AIO CREATOR NEO

how to import SteckerPRO in AIO CREATOR NEO PDF download

Learn how to import a SteckerPRO configuration to AIO CREATOR NEO (Video in German)